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Products: Gift Card Envelopes & Sleeves

Gift card envelopes from PLI are a simple yet functional way to present gift cards. We offer three options: Thumb-Notch Sleeves, Fold-Over and our new Card-Sized Envelopes. All products are available as stock items, or we can create fully customized envelopes that match your business' branding.

NEW! Card-Sized Envelopes: $19.50 per 100

PLI's new Card-Sized Envelopes are available in five colors – black, white, red, gold and silver, each with a flourish that adds an elegant touch. The front reads “A Gift for You” with To:, From: and Amount: fields. The flap is gummed so it can be sealed.

Thumb-Notch Sleeves: $14.50 per 100

We offer six colors of our Thumb-Notch Card Sleeve: white, black, red, green, pink and pink with hearts. Each says “A Gift Card for You” on the front, while the back contains lines for To:, From: and Amount:. Also available are plain white sleeves with no text, which can serve as carriers for loyalty and POS cards and more.

Fold-Over Card Carriers: $18.00 per 100

Also available are our Fold-Over Card Carriers, which are available in three color combinations: black with silver text, black with gold text, or silver with white text. The front says “A Gift Card for You,” while the inside contains lines for To:, From: and Amount:, as well as a space to write a special message.

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