Conservation Signs

Environmental cards and static clings from PLI help promote your property's environmental initiatives and can also help reduce costs.

Place a static cling, table tent, card, or door hanger in the bathroom to:

  • Remind guests to conserve water.
  • Ask them to reuse towels and only leave them on the floor if they wish for them to be replaced.
  • Inform them that towels will be provided poolside.

Lay an environmental card on the bed to let them know linens will only be changed when a special request is received.

Static clings are…

  • Easily used on a variety of glass surfaces, including mirrors and windows.
  • Free of toxic glue and adhesives.
  • Easy to remove and re-apply.

Environmental cards are also available in recycled stock and our new recyclable/biodegradable* paper.

Contact PLI today and our customer-care representatives will help you brainstorm creative ways to boost your property's greening efforts.

*Unlaminated product is fully biodegradable. Adding magnetic stripe or specialty finishes may reduce the biodegradability of the product.