Static Clings

Static clings from PLI let you place marketing messages and other important info on mirrors and windows, reducing clutter while ensuring your message will be seen.

Hotels can…

  • Place a static cling on the bathroom mirror to:
  • Remind guests to conserve water.
  • Ask them to reuse towels and only leave them on the floor if they wish for them to be replaced.
  • Inform them that towels will be provided poolside.
  • Tell them how they can receive complimentary toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner bath gels, etc.
  • Place a static cling on the guest room mirror to:
  • Provide info on using telephone or Internet.
  • Promote in-house dining and other amenities.

Businesses can…

  • Place static clings on windows to promote specials.
  • Place static clings on restroom mirrors to ask customers to turn off the lights and/or promote water conservation.
  • Partner with hotels for placing static clings in public areas and guest rooms to reach the tourist market.

Static clings are…

  • Easily used on a variety of glass surfaces, including mirrors and windows.
  • Free of toxic glue and adhesives.
  • Easy to remove and re-apply.
  • Available in sizes up to 11" x 17".

For larger graphics, check out our wide-format graphics for info on our self-adhesive wall and window graphics.

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