Foil Enhancements

Shine Brilliantly with Foil Cards

Enhancing cards with foil can help attract customers’ attention faster and retain their attention longer. And beyond attention, foil creates a premium look for your cards. Whether they are gift cards, hotel key cards, VIP cards or special event cards, foil elevates the finished product. A card with a premium look helps create a premium experience for your customers, vital in today’s competitive marketplace.
PLI offers you a choice of full face foil, hot foil stamping or cold foil transfer, as well as the very important experience and advice on which option will best help you achieve your goal.  

Hot Foil Stamping
Hot foil is applied separately from the printing process and requires creation of a metal die in the image of the design to be foiled. The die is mounted on a stamping machine and heated. Foil is placed between the die and the card. Pressure is applied and the foil is transferred onto the card in the image of the die. The foil stamped image has a bright shiny quality to it.

A variety of foil colors and shades are available. Hot stamping is often recommended when the foil area on the card is relatively small. 

Cold Foil Transfer
Cold foil is applied on press and requires a UV-curable adhesive to be printed on the card in the image of the design to be foiled. The foil is pressed onto the card and then stripped away where no adhesive was printed. The card is exposed to UV light to firmly adhere the foil image to the card. Cold foil colors are achieved by printing direct on the foil image.

Various designs techniques can be created using color gradients and coatings. If the foil area on a card is large and/or special effects are desired, cold foil transfer is recommended.
To help you decide which foil enhancement is most attrative for your cards, and provides the premium-look and experience you want, please contact us today. Download this info in PDF form HERE.

Hot Foil 
• Create bright shiny appeal  
• Emphasize logos or select verbiage  
• Draw attention to key graphic elements

Cold Foil 
• Add engaging special finishes  
• Design interesting printed color effects  
• Time-saving, in-line production process

Full Face Foil 
• Wide variety of specialty foils  
• Catch attention with shimmer, sheen and sparkle  
• Highlight design with our expert graphics blocking

In addition to cards, card carriers, packaging and signage also gain more visual draw and appeal when attractive foil enhancements are added.

Experience the hot foil stamping and cold foil adhesion production processes. Take a look at PLI’s exclusive foil enhancements in the making video.