Casino Cards


Cards represent various touch-points with your guests. Make their experience cohesive, well-coordinated and memorable with branded designs that are photo-worthy and shareable –

Gift Cards

Hotel Key Cards

Players Cards

Event ID Cards

Towel and Pool Cards

• Reward and Loyalty Cards

Beyond cards, you can rely on PLI for door hangers, signage and other communications that connect with your guests and help enhance their experience.


Cards are Part of the Experience

Leading-edge casinos and hotels understand today’s new Experience Economy. Staging the best possible experience is critical to success. That includes attention to detail. Cards are an important detail, often over-looked by management, but recognized by your guests.

Backed by the expertise that comes from servicing casinos and hotels for more than 35 years with billions of cards, PLI can provide purposefully designed cards that help contribute to a memorable, amazing guest experience.

Special Themed Cards

Reinforce your property’s unique motif and brand. Celebrate the season, holidays and special days. The theme opportunities and the card design possibilities are endless.

Rough textured sandy beach scene
Sparkle glitter enhanced snowflakes
Glow-in-the-dark Halloween graphics

Personal Appeal Cards

Show convention, trade show, and other special event attendees that you welcome and appreciate them. Convey that you understand what’s important to them with audience-targeted cards that connect with your guests.

Customized graphics that are engaging and relevant to your guests
Interactive and holographic logos and designs
Specialty substrates that take the visual interest of cards to the next level

Acknowledgement and Reward Cards

Recognize your loyal and top-tier guests with distinct cards that convey they are truly special. Create VIP cards that express importance, status and thanks.

Leather-look and feel
Colored core substrates
Hot stamping and cold foil treatments

A guest typically interacts with a Key Card or Players Card 8 to 12 times during their stay. Take this opportunity to link your card to the incredible experience of your casino or hotel.

To help transform your cards from ordinary to extraordinary, contact PLI today. Download a PDF version of this information HERE.