Hotels are full of guests in an unfamiliar town. Refer them to your business with PLI's full-service advertising keycard program.

Hotel keycards...

  • Put your advertisement directly in the hands of tourists.
  • Are one of the first things they see upon arrival at their hotel.
  • Reach a market that typically isn't exposed to local newspaper, television and radio ads.
  • Cost less than traditional print and broadcast advertising.
  • Are viewed by each guest an average of 10 times every day, translating into an impressive ROI.
  • Provide maximum exposure and allow visitors to absorb your message.
  • Place your contact info in their pocket, so it's with them when they walk out of their room.
  • Fully customizable!

Offer specials to entice visitors.
Showcase special events or entertainment.
Unveil attractions, expansions and other new developments.
Best of all, PLI does all of the work for you, including contacting hotels, shipping directly to them and managing reorders.

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