.5 Box Gift Card Carrier

Get Big Impact with the Tiny .5 Box Carrier

Behavioral Economists tell us offering something of value at no additional cost is a powerful consumer motivator, making a purchase look and feel more attractive.*  With the proven consumer driver of free benefit in mind, PLI developed the .5 Gift Box Carrier, a strategic marketing tool designed to help increase gift card revenue. 

Bonus and Allure

The .5 Gift Box Carrier includes a complementary gift box sized just right to fit an accompanying gift card. The fully integrated card carrier captures consumer interest and creates differentiation in today’s market of abundant gift card choice. The size is ideal for merchandising in third-party gift card malls.

The attached gift box makes it easy and convenient for consumers to present the gift-of-choice in a unique and thoughtful manner.

Interactive and Exciting

Recipients of the intriguing box are actively engaged as they open the flap of the tiny personalized box to reveal the enclosed gift card.

Audience-targeted graphics combined with specialty print techniques and premium substrates can enhance the aesthetics and appeal of the gift card and box even further.

Make the gifting experience even more special and noteworthy with creative design that celebrates -

  • Holidays

  • Seasons

  • Accomplishments

  • Relationships

  • Special occasions

Cost Effective

The construction and size of the .5 Box Carrier makes shipping, storage and display efficient. The automated production and card affixing make it economical as well. 

Budget-friendly and consumer-delighting, the .5 Box Carrier is an exclusive PLI offering.

For more information on the .5 Box Carrier and other result-getting marketing tools, contact PLI today.

Download a PDF of this information here.

*Dan Ariely, Predictably Irrational

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