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The 4 p’s meet the 4 d's for card marketing success.

design, display, distribution and differentiation for card marketing services

It is because your card program plays such a significant role in the customer experience that we look beyond the iconic four P’s of marketing – Product, Price, Place, and Promotion – and we view card marketing with special attention focused on the 4 D’s, or “Dimensions,” for Card Marketing Success…Design, Display, Distribution, and Differentiation. A closer look reveals that these four dimensions are highly interconnected, yet each contributes in its own unique ways to the success of your card program. Our experienced team will work one-on-one with you to enhance your card programs and reach your marketing goals with solutions that address all four dimensions of card marketing success – Design, Display, Distribution, and Differentiation. Shop our available products.

Designing card programs with intention

The thought, care, and research that goes into the creative design and engineering of your card and its accompanying marketing materials have a direct influence on the degree to which your card will capture and hold your customers’ attention. Your card design will also affect how your customers feel about your brand.

Our process for applying our creative design services in support of customer rebrands, special events, or seasonal refreshes begins with brainstorming sessions and sketches, then moves to digital renditions, proofs, and ultimately prototypes and live production. We can also add life and “pop” to existing card designs with the application of special materials, inks, or special treatments.

It’s incredibly rewarding to work with our customers to execute changes at the intersection between card design and card display and distribution that help our customers reach ambitious goals such as top line sales, profit margins, foot traffic, or carbon footprint.

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Building awareness and interest with thoughtful display

In a world in which so much of our product “display” is migrating to digital channels, there remains nothing like strategically-placed physical card displays to build awareness for and promote your card program wherever your customers shop, dine, travel, and play.

Finding the right selection, design, and placement of countertop, floor-standing, wall, and shelf display solutions that will keep your “smallest canvas” front-and-center and your card program top-of-mind with the customers who count.

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Exploiting new card distribution channels

Recent changes in consumer shopping, dining, entertainment, and travel behavior have added both a level of added complexity and a level of urgency to the successful distribution of branded cards. In this dramatically-changed landscape post-COVID, it is essential to have a dual-strategy – continuing to support all of the traditional card distribution channels, while implementing new and innovative distribution methods to boost customer acquisition and retention.

Explore new distribution channels such as  Ready. Set. Gift!TM

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