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Drive traffic to your online gift card store with Promo-Gift-to-Go™

Are you converting your physical customer engagements into opportunities to showcase your gift card program? Drive your best customers online to shop for physical and digital gift cards with Promo-Gift-to-Go, a clever card solution that pairs gift card program marketing with a quick and convenient path to your online gift card store.

When offered in take-one displays and included with purchases at the point-of-sale, drive thru, or curb-side pickup, Promo-Gift-to-Go cards boost the visibility of your gift card program and create an impulse for your customers to shop for gift cards now.

Make Promo-Gift-to-Go work for your brand

Promo-Gift-to-Go cards are billboards for your gift card program. Use them to drive program awareness, showcase new designs, and boost interest in seasonal or themed cards. Watch your online gift card sales grow as Promo-Gift-to-Go cards serve as a prompt for shoppers to pick up something special for upcoming gifting events.

On top of promoting your gift card program, Promo-Gift-to-Go opens up a world of opportunities to drive traffic to your brand’s website. Every visit to your gift card store is an opportunity for engagement and relationship building.

How to Promo-Gift-to-Go

The front of your Promo-Gift-to-Go card is a great place for your marketing graphics and messaging – use this space to promote new designs, share special offers, or highlight exciting new products. Use a QR code on the back of your Promo-Gift-to-Go card to take shoppers directly to a unique landing page at your website or to the home page for your online gift card store. It’s really that simple.

Countless ways to Promo-Gift-to-Go:

  • Include a Promo-Gift-to-Go card with purchase
  • Make cards available at the counter to “Take one for later”
  • Enclose cards when bagging purchases or packaging delivery items

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