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Ready. Set. Gift!™

Ready. Set. Gift!™ provides maximum visibility at the decision moment.

With Ready. Set. Gift!, your customers are able to make the decision to self-use or share gift cards for your brand on a moment’s notice. Due to the convenience and high visibility of Ready. Set. Gift! cards, your customers are more likely to give the gift of your brand to their friends, family, and co-workers when the need arises.

Unlimited distribution options

Ready. Set. Gift! card distribution is limited only by your imagination. Make cards available on displays at the counter to “Take one for later.” Hand out with each purchase at the point-of-sale, drive thru, or curb-side pickup. Enclose in bags going out for delivery or enclose within product packaging. Your B2B and B2C customers will appreciate Ready. Set. Gift! multipacks. Leverage direct mail to put your cards directly into the hands of your customers at home.

Respond to evolving shopping behavior

You rely on your gift card program to boost sales and to acquire new customers – But with the reduction in overall brick-and-mortar retail foot-traffic and the trend toward online shopping, there are fewer opportunities today to promote your gift cards with traditional in-store displays. Ready. Set. Gift! creates new opportunities to put your brand’s gift cards front-and-center – opportunities that are not dependent on traditional in-store shopping activity.

Ready. Set. Gift! requires no in-person card purchase and activation! Shoppers who wish to practice social-distancing will find that for many of the Ready. Set. Gift! distribution methods no physical contact is needed at all during the gift card selection and purchase experiences. Customers are able to activate and load these cards at any time, from anywhere.

Ready. Set. Gift! from PLI. We use our experience to make life’s experiences better.

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