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Product Package Inserts

Use product package inserts to promote your gift cards in the privacy of shoppers' homes.

The ever-growing popularity of online shopping offers retailers the perfect opportunity to increase gift card sales with Ready. Set. Gift! package inserts. Now’s the time to appeal to customers with interesting graphics and a creative, unique gift card design. Simply include Ready. Set. Gift! with your online shopper’s merchandise deliveries. When customers open their package, they’ll find a fast, convenient way to acknowledge friends, relatives, co-workers and others by giving them the gift-of-choice – a gift card redeemable at your business. Here’s how the package insert works:

  • A customer’s package arrives containing an un-activated gift card
  • The inspired customer easily activates the gift card online
  • The gift card is placed in the enclosed attractive gifting package
  • The customer thoughtfully presents the gift-of-choice to the recipient

Ready. Set. Gift! is fast and convenient for the customer and the gift-of-choice is valued and appreciated by the receiver. Most importantly, the package insert marketing program can increase gift card sales and create additional revenue for retailers.

Direct mail gift cards

Expanded purchase opportunities

When you drive customers to your website to activate the card, that’s a perfect opportunity for them to make that additional purchase they have been thinking about. Provide customers added incentive to purchase the gift card by offering special incentives; activate the card now to receive:

  • % off your next purchase
  • A bonus gift card for you
  • Free shipping on your next order

In addition to cost-effective inserts that ride along with the delivery of your customer’s purchases, consider a direct mail campaign as well. Re-purposing inserts as a mailer allows you to target new prospects or repeat the promotion to customers, or accomplish both, depending on the mailing list you compile.

Beyond mail, you can also use Ready. Set. Gift! as an in-store promotion. Simply include a gift card insert take-away with each purchase so customers can easily give the gift-of-choice in the future.

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