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Card Technology

Unique, multi-platform card production.

At PLI, we have a deep understanding of cards at the micro level and the macro level. We recognize the significance of the singular card and the impact it makes as well as the importance of planning and engineering for efficiency in large scale production.

We are invested in you!

Every year we allocate a 7-figure capital budget for upgrades to equipment, software, and facilities. These upgrades allow us to stay ahead of the pack with revolutionary products and services.

What we offer – superior resources, scalable production, and redundancy across four plants – to produce and ship as promised, regardless of quantity or special requirements. Whether a project lends itself to digital printing, surface printing, lithography, or silkscreen – barcodes, magnetic stripes, or RFID contactless chip technology – basic card production or specialty products – we have the right production solution and equipment to deliver.

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You could say that our dynamic approach to procurement is intense and intentional. Intensity can be found in the deep engagement, collaborative approach, and continuous accountability embedded in the relationships we share with each of our key suppliers. Intention can be found in the customer-centered approach we take to evaluation, selection, and development of new materials, processes, and products – responding to customer needs and keeping up with consumer market trends and current events.

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Print & Lamination

Our state-of-the-art printing presses and lamination systems are capable of handling jobs of all sizes, from a handful of prototypes to production runs of millions of pieces. Across our three production facilities, you will find high-speed litho UV offset, dynamic HP digital printing, silkscreen printing, waterless surface-printing, specialized card prototyping, and flatbed printing. Our in-house capability for the best-in-class cast-and-cure reflective print and in-house high-speed inline cold foil printing are unmatched.

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Specialty Die-Cutting

We have the capacity to punch over 2 billion CR80 cards per year without breaking a sweat. Beyond that, our progressive die punches, flatbed die-cutting, PMC die-cutting, steel-rule die-cutting, and rotary die-cutting give us the capability and firepower to offer M6 hangers; over-sized and uniquely-shaped gift cards; card carriers; tags and fobs with perforations, scores, and holes; key card folders; door hangers and lock inserts; in-store and in-hotel signage, table tents, static clings, channel guides, and more!

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Personalization and Fulfillment

Over half of the cards we produce each year include variable data. Variable data on a card may seem inobtrusive; however, accurate and secure card “personalization” is critical to card functionality – variable data that is wrong can cause a card to fail, or worse, can lead to public relations, economic, or legal problems for the card issuer. Our personalization capabilities include high-speed DOD imaging, thermal imaging, magnetic stripe, and RFID chip encoding, and more. We have organization-wide attention to data accuracy, security, and privacy and are continually evolving our processes and controls to protect our customers’ data and their cardholders’ user experiences. Beyond card personalization, we provide all the production services necessary to support In-store, B2B, Blackhawk, and InComm gift card programs – including affixing to flat and folded carriers, bundling, kitting, multi-pack packaging, pick-and-pack fulfillment, and mailing.

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RFID – Hotel Keys and More!

When it comes to RFID cards, a quality product starts with raw materials that arrive on time and meet the tightest standards for precision and reliability. Over the years, we’ve refined our manufacturing processes to minimize waste, and you can rest easy knowing that we test each individual RFID IC chip for functionality before it leaves our facility. PLI offers the full suite of NXP MIFARE® technologies, genuine ASSA Abloy VingCard key cards, and a generic 1K RFID solution. We fully expect to see a continued migration to RFID technologies in the entertainment and micro-payment arenas, and we welcome requests for special-order and custom technologies.

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Braille Features

Are you exploring the possibility of issuing cards with Braille for visually impaired and low vision customers? If so, you’re not alone. We have seen recent interest from brands who want to include Braille designs as part of their card portfolios.

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