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Add accessibility to your card program with Braille

Are you exploring the possibility of issuing cards with Braille for visually impaired and low vision customers? If so, you’re not alone. We have seen recent interest from brands who want to include Braille designs as part of their card portfolios.

Despite growing interest, the overall volume of cards in the marketplace that incorporate Braille remains quite low. Braille embossing on cards is complex for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the space constraint of a typical card, measuring 3.375” x 2.125” (86mm x 54mm). A standard card will generally accommodate between 2-4 lines of Braille embossing (depending on the need to stay away from critical copy, barcodes, magnetic stripes, or other features). Each line typically will accommodate 10-11 Grade 1 Braille symbols*.

What to expect…

If you are interested in moving forward with Braille embossing on your card, we recommend that you involve us during the design process to consult on materials and space constraints. Based on your artwork, your selected material, and your desired Braille data, we will work with your team to understand limitations and identify any variation or non-compliance to industry standards that you can expect to see in the finished product.

Working together as a team

It isn’t yet clear whether gift or other cards will be subject to ADA or other legal requirements. In the meantime, we continue to monitor for any developments in that regard, and we are always interested in any news brought to our attention by our clients. For the time being, we ask customers placing orders with us for cards with Braille embossing to sign an acknowledgment letter & indemnification.

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*We do not currently support Grade 2 symbols.

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