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Personalization & Fulfillment

We are your personalization powerhouse.

“Personalization” refers to the visible and invisible variable data added to a card in order to ensure it functions properly in the field. This data takes the form of imprinted names, numbers, dates, barcodes, and PINs covered by scratch-off panels. It also takes the form of the encoding of “invisible” information on magnetic stripes or IC chips.

The first thing that stands out about our card personalization and fulfillment platform is that it stretches from coast-to-coast – a multi-site platform that provides you with convenience and peace of mind during critical projects. This coast-to-coast presence, unique in the industry, protects us and our customers from unexpected regional disruptions. Our three facilities provide comprehensive and multi-channel personalization, packaging, and fulfillment solutions to fit your specific business objectives.

Customer-centered capabilities

We know that beauty will only get our products so far – a card that fails during its issuance or use has the potential to jeopardize customer loyalty or harm the brand’s image. This is why we take testing and compliance to industry and customer-specific standards so seriously, and it’s why we reinvest annually in new equipment and process improvements.

We want to be your single source for card marketing solutions. From a personalization and fulfillment perspective, that means a platform that supports competitive pricing, high quality, and impressive lead times. And it means immediate availability of hundreds of stocked pre-designed and branded SKUs, with the strongest live customer support team in the industry.

Visit our personalization powerhouse, and here’s what you will find:

  • Annual investment into new equipment & capabilities to grow capacity, reduce waste, and lower costs
  • Personalization and packaging for in-store, B2B, B2C, and third-party gift card channels
  • Blackhawk-approved and Incomm-approved gift card production and packaging
  • Direct-to-business ongoing distribution & replenishment of customer-owned product, including real-time inventory tracking
  • Tight security and privacy controls for customer data
  • High-speed drop-on-demand personalization with inline camera verification
  • In-house production of scratch-off and other specialty labels (in addition to sourced labels)
  • Pick-and-place card affixing of highly unusual card shapes
  • Flat carriers, folded carriers, heat-sealed packages, clamshells, & blister packs
  • Multipack packages of various styles, accommodating from 2 cards to 100 cards
  • Bundling, Boxing, and Kitting
  • Direct mail fulfillment
  • Same or next-day shipment of hundreds of stocked branded and generic cards and card marketing supplies

Being your single source also means being able to say Yes! to highly difficult projects that require affixing of shaped cards or custom bundling, boxing, and kitting. And it means demonstrating time-and-time-again that when we say Yes, we mean it!

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