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Customer-centered approach to sourcing.

At the core of all we do is our Commitment to You – our Customer. It is with our customers in mind that we take an intense and intentional approach to developing, qualifying, and sourcing the raw materials that go into our products daily.

Leadership in research & development that stands the test of time

“Progressiveness” is one of our shared values at PLI. Whether our product development efforts are driven by a specific customer need, a strategy to introduce new solutions to the marketplace, or an aspiration to achieve more sustainability or efficiency in our processes, we move forward with the support of our leadership and an organization-wide commitment to progress.

Research, development, and innovation are part of our daily life – so much so that we have regularly occurring calls between our sales, marketing, procurement, and operations teams to share ideas and collaborate on new market needs. When contemplating new suppliers or alternative materials, we begin with initial research and discussion to establish the value of the potential addition or change. If we decide to move ahead with qualification, our procurement experts work across the PLI team to kick off a series of qualification steps. Once we’ve successfully qualified the new addition at one of our facilities, we move ahead to qualify it in each of our facilities that would be called upon to work with the new material.

Mutually-beneficial commitment to excellence

We are proud to maintain a strong and diverse supplier base. Our supplier partners are key to our maintaining the ability to deliver high-quality products, on-time and at competitive prices. Reflecting again on the intensity and intentionality that characterize our approach to sourcing, we secure mutually-beneficial contract arrangements with most of our top suppliers – locking in pricing and laying out long-term service level expectations and a process for accountability.

Our approach toward each of our key supplier relationships is one of deep engagement, collaboration, continuous accountability, and friendship.

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