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Catch the RFID "Wave"

RFID technology has improved the speed and security of transactions in a variety of environments. Although RFID products have been growing in popularity for years, Covid-19 and the intensified interest in touch-free solutions across all markets have escalated the transition. RFID technology is fast achieving ubiquity.

We are proud to be a premier supplier of RFID cards, fobs, and wristbands for the hospitality, entertainment, retail, education, and transit segments. As a matter of fact, if our website URL seems familiar to you, it may be because you’ve seen it printed on the back of your key card when you’ve stayed at one of the thousands of hotels who use our products.

Not quite sure what product you need? No problem! We work closely with our technology providers to stay abreast of new products and security best practices. We will work with you to identify the right RFID solution to meet your needs.

Cards, fobs, badges, wristbands, and more!

A typical RFID card costs a bit more than a traditional magnetic-striped card, but when it comes to durability there is no comparison. RFID cards can perform beautifully for years. And because there is no physical contact between the card and reader, your readers are likely to be maintenance-free for years as well.

RFID products are not limited to traditional card form factors. Looking for something a little different? Just let us know! We keep some of our most popular fobs and wristbands on hand, and there are additional options available for special order.

Your MIFARE™ specialists

Why do we call ourselves specialists? Our sales and client service team members participate in annual and on-demand MIFARE training to update and enhance their knowledge of MIFARE RFID product choices and features. We even arrange training programs for our customers who want to learn more about the technology behind MIFARE products.

RFID solutions from PLI. We use our experience to make life’s experiences better.

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