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Specialty Die-Cutting

We deliver flexibility in form and function.

When designing to be distinctive, we believe it is important to push boundaries of form – conforming only to those limits that are essential for aesthetics and functionality.

Therefore, it’s only natural that we’ve built a die-cutting and punching platform that is unrivaled in the card industry. We have never been strictly a card manufacturer. For years, our customers have relied on us for marketing and advertising products, door hangers, RFID fobs and wristbands, creative direct mail inserts, paper folders, carriers, and labels. An expansive product portfolio demands extensive finishing capabilities and deep experience – characteristics that you will find here at PLI, where we are all about flexibility.

Award-winning shaped gift cards

Progressive punches, in-house flatbed, PMC, steel-rule, and rotary die-cutting provide us with the widest possible range of methods to consider as we evaluate your artwork and finalize a dieline. The end result is a shaped gift card that is true to your design intent and makes your customer say Wow!

Fobs, tags, and badges

In addition to individual RFID and non-RFID fobs, tags, and badges, our die-cutting platform enables us to provide creative combination layouts that incorporate multiple cards, tags, or fobs that can be separated by the end user. These larger stepped out formats can be produced of PVC, Teslin, styrene, or paper and are popular for use in loyalty programs and direct mail.

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