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Creative Gift Card Packaging Solutions

Gift card packaging is all about presentation and purpose.

Just as your card represents the “smallest canvas” of your brand and the centerpiece of any package – the surrounding construction that showcases or encloses your card is critical to your card’s retail placement and presentation. Moreover, the engineering and design of your gift card packaging have a direct impact on how well the card satisfies your customer’s specific gifting needs.

The design team at PLI is trusted by some of the world’s leading brands to take their designers’ ideas and bring them to life. And it doesn’t stop there. When we’re not working directly with a brand, our team is doing field research and creating mock-ups – reimagining gift card packaging with visually appealing and cleverly engineered designs.

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various multipack gift cards

Enhance your gift card program with the appeal and convenience of multipacks

Multipacks deliver simplicity and speed, both during the gift card selection experience and during the activation and checkout experience. Shoppers will love the convenience of purchasing multiple cards in a single transaction. And brands will enjoy the efficiency of faster checkouts, fewer errors, and lower packaging costs.

More importantly, Multipack shoppers tend to “round up” and purchase more cards than they’d originally planned. And first-time Multipack customers tend to become repeat Multipack customers! When you include Multipacks in your gift card portfolio, you ensure that you are part of the consideration set when those highly attractive consumers are shopping for gift and spending cards.

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Gift card bags and packaging

Reimagine the gifting experience with

Add something unique and special to your gift card packaging with one of PLI’s many Gift-in-Style formats. Or work with our design team to come up with a new format that is uniquely You!

Gift-in-Style carriers add a sense of fun, personality, and enhanced value to your gift cards. Brands find that gift cards marketed in Gift-in-Style packaging experience both higher sales and higher average load value.

Gift-in-Style carriers particularly shine in the third-party Blackhawk and InComm space, where your card must stand out and capture attention against the backdrop of a sea of brands.

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