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Enhance the gifting experience and stand apart.

At first glance, shoppers can tell that Gift-in-Style™ gift card packages are special. Built into each of our unique Gift-in-Style gift card carriers is an extra special bonus item – for instance, a gift bag, a presentation envelope, a game, a coupon, or an ornament – engineered to delight and enhance the gifting experience. Gift-in-Style carriers are designed to draw attention to the free bonus, capturing interest and increasing engagement at the shopping moment.

Retailers introducing Gift-in-Style card carriers in the third-party retail environment have seen a measurable boost in gift card sales!*

See how you can incorporate presenters in your  Gift-in-Style  card carriers

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Gift-in-Style boosts perceived value at low incremental cost

Consumers recognize value in the complimentary items integrated into Gift-in-Style carriers, therefore, it comes as no surprise that some brands see an increase in average load using Gift-in-Style carriers.* In addition to the added perceived value of the “gift,” shoppers assign extra value to the convenience and cost savings they enjoy from Gift-in-Style carriers that eliminate the need to purchase a greeting card or separate gift card bag or presentation package.

Gift-in-Style carriers are Blackhawk and InComm approved! We design Gift-in-Style carriers with the third-party environment in mind, where differentiation is paramount. All styles can also be modified to be used in in-store, B2B, and B2C channels.

Discover  Gift-in-Style  integrated shopping and gift bags

*A major department store chain displaying gift cards in major grocery stores saw an increase in unit gift card sales and a 25% increase in average load when they redesigned their gift card package using Gift-in-Style carriers.

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Flexibility in design allows for a highly tailored brand experience

You know your customers better than anyone, and for this reason, we offer a range of pre-designed Gift-in-Style formats and limitless creative possibilities for customization and new design concepts.

Our pre-designed formats include those with integrated gift card holders, greeting cards, presentation envelopes, mailers, gift bags, ornaments, picture frames, and pop-up features. Take a look at just a few of our carrier styles, the Cup ‘n Card Carrier, the K-Box (Kirigami) Carrier, and the Handbag Carrier.

Gift-in-Style from PLI. We use our experience to make life’s experiences better.

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