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Everyone gains with bonus-room gift card packaging.

Gift giving is made quick and easy when customers purchase a gift card complete with attractive, thoughtful bonus-room gift card packaging. Bonus-room gift card carriers such as Handbag Carriers are designed with extra space to accommodate an add-on, just-for-you gift that compliments the gift-of-choice.

  • Appeal to grab-n-go shoppers
  • Get attention and create distinction
  • Connect with today’s “Market of One” consumers
  • Bring ultimate personalization to the gift-of-choice
  • Grow revenue twofold with uplift and add-on purchases

Studies indicate consumers, Millennials in particular, seek convenience and expression of individuality. Bonus-room gift card packaging offers both; all-in-one gifting expediency and ease of personalization.

Customizable and unique

Including an extra-something along with a gift card helps make the gifting experience special, more meaningful and purposely designed with the recipient’s personality in mind, adding to the satisfaction and enjoyment of both the giver and the recipient.

Consider offering bonus-room packaging in a variety of shapes and designs to personalize the gifting experience further.

Boost sales

Beyond the typical 20% uplift from recipients spending more than the load value of the gift card, additional revenue can be generated from gift cards with bonus-room packaging. This accommodating and interesting gifting option strongly encourages customers to purchase add-on items to include in the package.

Strategically placing eye-catching add-on items along with idea-generating signage and gifting examples near your gift card displays can further prompt added personalization purchases.

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