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Integrated Gift Bags & Shopping Bags

Add fun and interest to your gift card program.

One way to draw attention to your gift cards, boost sales, and increase average gift card load is to include a free “gift bag” or “shopping bag” as a special bonus gift, built right into the gift card carrier. We offer a choice of Gift-in-Style™ gift card carrier formats that include either built-in flat bags or roomier standing bags. Like all of our Gift-in-Style solutions, our integrated bag formats are appropriate for use in any gift card distribution channel and are approved for use on third-party retail display fixtures.

Boost sales

Beyond the typical 20% uplift from recipients spending more than the load value of the gift card, additional revenue can be generated from gift cards with bonus-room packaging. This accommodating and interesting gifting option strongly encourages customers to purchase add-on items to include in the package.

Strategically placing eye-catching add-on items along with idea-generating signage and gifting examples near your gift card displays can further prompt added personalization purchases.

Enhance your brand and drive store traffic

Encourage visits to your brick-and-mortar locations and showcase your brand with a bright and cheery shopping bag, built right into your gift card carrier. Integrated shopping bags add personality to your gift card package and are a great choice for retail gift shops and brands that sell smaller items, such as cosmetics, body care, candy & treats, coffee or tea, candles, spices, and books.

Gift-in-Style solutions from PLI. We use our experience to make life’s experiences better.

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