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Integrated Gifting Presenters

Integrated gifting presenters are like “free gift wrap” for your gift card.

One way to boost in-store gift card sales and compete for attention on third-party gift card racks is to include “free gift wrapping” with a thoughtful and attractive gifting presenter built right into the gift card carrier. We offer a wide variety of Gift-in-StyleTM gift card carrier formats that include built-in gifting sleeves, pockets, envelopes, folders, and boxes.

Boost the perceived value of your gift card

Some of the traditional moments we have come to associate with the gifting experience are the packaging, the wrapping, the presentation, and the opening of a gift. Beautifully designed or themed bonus gifting presenters allow your customers to bring a piece of that traditional gifting experience into the sharing of your brand with friends and family through gift cards.

Bonus integrated gifting presenters increase the perceived value of your gift card in severalways:

  • The presenter is perceived as a bonus item of value
  • The presenter may reduce the need for a separately purchased greeting card or package
  • A thoughtfully designed presenter makes the gift card seem more personal

Gift-in-Style solutions from PLI. We use our experience to make life’s experiences better.

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