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Gift card multipacks provide something for everyone.

In-store and third-party gift card multipacks are a popular choice for busy or frequent gift givers, like parents, grandparents, and bosses. Beyond traditional holidays and celebrations, consider the many gifting events and experiences that call for a gift card: A job well done, Thanks a bunch!, What a day, Treat yourself, You did it!, I miss you…

Many consumers shopping for gift cards love multipacks, because they make gift card shopping easy! They reduce packaging, and they simplify and speed up the activation and purchase experience whenever multiple gift cards are needed. One quick scan activates the entire batch of cards, all at once. The cards can be gifted immediately or kept on hand and gifted over time.

Brands love multipacks, because they grow gift card sales, reduce gift card display space requirements, and lower packaging costs. A single multipack can accommodate as many as 100 cards!

Maximize the many-in-one benefits and boost sales

A leading retailer that was happy with the sales increases they’d been seeing after adding multipacks to their gift card choices wanted to maximize the many-in-one benefits even more by offering customers a 20-card multipack. They turned to the innovation team at PLI to transform the idea into a reality. Although challenging to engineer, we delivered an innovative 20-card pack that became a successful addition to the brand’s gift card program. The client continues to offer a variety of multipack designs as a proven way to increase gift card sales.

A format for every need

Multipacks are available in a variety of pack counts. Multipacks perform exceptionally well in the third-party distribution channel, so if your cards have placement on third-party displays you may be surprised to find that you compete for valuable business with merchants outside of your product category, simply because those other merchants offer an attractive multipack option. We provide options approved by InComm and Blackhawk.

  • Boost security with our secure pack formats
  • Combine different art designs in a single multipack
  • Incorporate a “Bonus Card” as an extra incentive for the consumer
  • We can even accommodate requests for unique card shapes

We’ll make it easy for your brand to capture a share of the multipack gift card market.

PLI. We use our experience to make life’s experiences better.

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