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Sustainable Solutions

We address end-to-end sustainability throughout the product life cycle.

A recent GlobeScan study found that 3 out of 4 global consumers are concerned about climate change, and 9 out of 10 consumers are willing to make changes in their personal lives to protect the environment.

We recognize the value of both visible sustainability, which responds directly to market demand and strengthens brand value, and invisible sustainability, which works behind the scenes in a more complex way to put our shared environmental values into practice. As we design, develop, and market sustainable solutions, we are always mindful that the success of each of our greener alternatives depends on its ability to resonate with businesses and consumers.

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Re.Solve™ plastic-free

Take your brand’s environmental stewardship to the highest level with 100% plastic-free Re.Solve TF for RFID cards and Re.Solve Mag for magnetic striped and barcoded cards.

Our Re.Solve plastic-free products have the look, feel, and premium print surface of plastic. Experience the ultimate in sustainability with Re.Solve plastic-free products.

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Sustainable cards

Re.Solve Evolution™

PLI’s Re.Solve Evolution is the perfect solution for brands looking for an environmentally friendly magnetic striped card product with the properties of traditional plastic.

The core materials in this card are non-toxic HDPE and natural calcium carbonate (chalk). Re.Solve Evolution is available with a 100% PVC-free construction or with a lower-cost 85% PVC-free construction for brands on a tight budget.

Discover the possibilities with Re.Solve Evolution

PVC-free 75% recyclable

Re.Solve rPETG

Re.Solve rPETG (recycled PET-G) is available with your choice of RFID contactless technology or magnetic stripe (or barcode) technology. This 100% PVC-free construction has 75% pre-consumer recycled content and meets the highest industry standards for durability and performance.

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3 eco foil cards


If you want to make a bold design statement without sacrificing sustainability, look no further. EcoFoil is the perfect look-good, feel-good, and do-good card innovation! Completely plastic-free, just like its sister products Re.Solve TF and Re.Solve Mag, EcoFoil stands apart with the POP and SHINE of full-face foil!

EcoFoil uses 20x less metal per square inch than traditional metalized film-laminated papers. And the reflective surface opens a world of opportunities to incorporate holographic patterns, dimension, and motion effects into your design.

Explore the possibilities with EcoFoil

40% recyclable

Recycled PVC

For brands looking for the availability, affordability, and longevity of classic PVC, we offer rPVC cards with 50% pre-consumer recycled content – typically available for most magnetic striped key card and gift card projects as a cost neutral alternative to virgin white PVC.

Learn more about recycled PVC

keycard drop box

EZ Card Return Boxes

Countertop and floor standing EZ Card Return Boxes are used by many of our hotel clients to collect, clean, and re-use guest keys. With the right graphics and messaging, EZ Card Return Boxes also act as visual reminders in a retail environment to motivate the return and proper disposal of depleted gift cards.

Our support doesn’t stop with box selection – our team will help with recommendations on box placement and customizable graphics as well.

Check out our EZ Card Return Boxes

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Environmental Card Marketing

At PLI, we embrace the challenge of working with you to identify environmental labeling that is honest and resonates with your customers. And beyond that, we’re ready to provide any of the marketing support you need to make your sustainable card program a success.

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