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EZ Card Return Boxes

Involve your customers in your efforts to reduce, reuse, recycle.

Research shows a growing willingness on the part of consumers to modify their personal choices and behavior to protect the world around them. As long as the card return system is convenient and the marketing communicates the program’s intent, your customers will embrace the opportunity to participate in a thoughtfully designed card return program

With durable acrylic constructions and keyed locks, EZ Card Return Boxes will stand the test of time. They are available in two countertop sizes and can be ordered as free-standing units for exits and aisles. Update your boxes with fresh designs or seasonal graphics to celebrate holidays and special events.

Extend the Life of Reusable Cards

If you issue cards that do not contain any personal information and can be re-encoded for a second life, EZ Card Return Boxes offer an opportunity to conserve both financially and environmentally. Strategically located and well promoted EZ Card Return Boxes are an excellent solution for businesses such as hotels or transit operators that wish to collect reusable cards to be refreshed and re-issued.

Find out more HERE about using EZ Card Return Boxes for collecting used hotel key cards.

Collect Single-Use Cards for Proper Recycling or Disposal

EZ Card Return Boxes are an excellent solution for businesses such as retailers and restaurants who wish to strengthen their sustainability programs by collecting single-use plastic cards to be properly disposed or recycled in a closed-loop system.

Many cards are made from materials that are recyclable in a closed-system but are not recyclable in the normal consumer waste collection system. With sufficient scale, we can work with you to design a closed-loop plastic card recycling program that will set your business apart and keep your cards out of the landfill.

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