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Re.Solve Evolution™

Less is more with Re.Solve Evolution™

Less energy. Less water. Less CO2. Less pollution. 50% less plastic overall! No toxins. No leaching. What is this mysterious material that looks and feels just like classic PVC?

The primary component in Re.Solve EvolutionTM  is calcium carbonate (chalk) that is reclaimed as a byproduct of mining for other more valuable minerals. Calcium carbonate is part of the Calcite family – the world’s 5th most plentiful material!

To produce Re.Solve Evolution, calcium carbonate is blended with HDPE (high-density polyethylene) in a toxin-free process that requires no water and uses 50% less energy than paper production.

Beauty on a budget

Cost should never be a barrier to environmental progress. Re.Solve Evolution beats pretty much any sustainable card alternative on the market when it comes to affordability. And we know that a penny you save on card materials is a penny that can be invested in another area of your sustainability program.

Re.Solve Evolution-100 is a completely PVC-free construction that adds only marginal incremental cost over standard PVC.

Re.Solve Evolution-85 is a highly affordable construction. The finished product is 85% PVC-free, cost-neutral to standard card products, and still contains 50% less petroleum-based plastic than a typical PVC card.

And just because your card construction is “responsible” doesn’t mean your design has to reflect that same sensibility. Feel free to incorporate cold foil, glitters, special treatments, and dimensional effects into your card design.

Sharing the message of sustainability

Although Re.Solve Evolution excels on a number of environmental measures – non-toxic, reduced plastic, reduced PVC or PVC-free, reduced carbon footprint, energy conservation, water conservation – communicating everything on the back of your card can be tough.

The clearest, simplest, and most compelling benefit to print on the card itself is “50% less plastic.” Whatever you decide on messaging, we’ll work with you to add a graphic element that communicates the unique sustainable nature of Re.Solve Evolution.

Re.Solve sustainable products from PLI. We use our experience to make life’s experiences better.

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