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Re.Solve™ rPETG

Re.Solve™ rPETG is “All That!”

Many of the brands we know and love are setting ambitious sustainability goals for the new decade. If you are working to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint in a meaningful way, but you require a card construction that meets the highest standards for design flexibility, durability, performance, and adherence to industry standards, Re.Solve™ rPETG delivers on all sides.

Tough, tested, and totally PVC-free

Whether you issue magnetic striped payment cards or contactless RFID cards for lock systems or transit applications, Re.Solve rPETG delivers an environmentally-superior construction to PVC, rivaling or surpassing the traditional virgin white PVC choice for printability, durability, and performance.

And just because your card construction is “responsible” doesn’t mean your design has to reflect that same sensibility. Feel free to bring out your “wild child” with foils, glitters, special treatments, and dimensional effects.

Reduce your carbon footprint

A transition from standard PVC to Re.Solve rPETG reduces the CO2 contribution of the card’s base materials by over 50%. Additionally, due to differences in the lamination settings required for rPETG versus PVC, the carbon footprint contribution of the final production steps is reduced as well.

Re.Solve rPETG cards are constructed primarily from PET-G resin with 75% pre-consumer recycled content. The key environmental advantage that PET-G has over PVC, whether first-use or recycled, is the absence of hazardous substances from cradle to grave. With 75% recycled content, Re.Solve rPETG takes it a step further and dramatically reduces first-use plastic consumption and waste-to-landfill by upcycling materials at the source of production.

Because end-of-life recycling options for plastic cards of any material are hard-to-find, it’s nice to know that the disposal of Re.Solve rPETG cards through the normal consumer waste collection stream will not expose the environment to any hazardous or regulated substances.

Re.Solve sustainable products from PLI. We use our experience to make life’s experiences better.

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