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Unique Card Attributes

Your card is the smallest canvas for your brand.

We call it the “smallest canvas” because what your card may lack in physical real estate is offset by the power your card holds to communicate your brand’s image in a beautiful, artistic way.

The choice of materials and processes that unite in the execution of your finished card design are known, collectively, as the card’s “build.”

At all levels, we combine art with science, talent with deep knowledge and expertise, a powerful and flexible platform with the willingness to experiment. We will work with you to understand design intent, offer ideas, create prototypes when desired, and bring your brand to life on your smallest canvas.

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Clear color split cores card

Clear, Colored, and Split Core

We begin with the canvas. Plastic cards are generally viewed as two-dimensional – as solid flat shapes possessing two surfaces – front and back. As we explore, we see that the possibilities are more expansive. Your finished card design can, in fact, be three-dimensional – with the potential for multiple planes of printing and interesting edge effects.

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Multiple foil enhancement cards

Foil Enhancements

We offer the widest range of reflective and refractive foil options.
Whether you are working with a canvas of plastic or paper, we offer unmatched flexibility when it comes to adding foil effects to your card. Your choices include full-face silver, rainbow, brushed, and patterned foils; hot-stamped foil that can extend all the way to the edge of your card design; and in-line high-speed cold foil printing.

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3 ActionCoat cards

Dimensional Effects

We add unique depth and motion effects to your card design. Our signature ActionCoat™ effect is available in a variety of patterns that move, dance, and trick the eye. Let us work with your team to devise a ActionCoat design strategy that says “Wow!” without breaking the bank. Our best-in-the-industry Cast-and-Cure process delivers refractive patterns, glimmers, and holographic effects without long lead times, minimum order quantities, or high costs. Whether you are looking for subtlety and elegance or a more dramatic punch – PLI’s Cast-and-Cure options deliver impact that is easy on the budget.

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Holiday and congratulations cards

Sparkle Effects

Reach for the stars! Whether your design calls for the quiet elegance of a subtle “starry night” sparkle pearlescent, the glamour of a brilliant custom-pigmented glitter background, or the dazzle of hand-applied rhinestones, we have the resources and experience to brainstorm ideas, present options, create prototypes, and deliver sparkling card products that will make your customers smile!

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thank you, happy birthday, and football themed card

Sensory and Interactive Features

Here’s where the magic comes in! It doesn’t really take fairy dust to make your design fly. Talk to us about the myriad of ways we can use tactile, sensory, and interactive materials and techniques to transform your card into an experience. Bring texture and illusion to card surfaces that simulate leather, wood, stone, or fabric. Create delight with soft touch and chalkboard materials. Add a sense of fun with fragrances, glow-in-the-dark inks, hidden message inks, and scratch-to-reveal elements.

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