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Animate & captivate with ActionCoat™!

It’s time to stand out! It can be difficult to design a card with the power to attract attention, build brand, delight customers, and strengthen loyalty. That’s a lot of responsibility for one small card! ActionCoat™ technology brings the attraction of motion and movement to graphics, captivating your customers and enticing them to engage. As the cardholder moves the card and turns it in the light, your design appears to spin, radiate, or pulse. We offer several pre-designed effects – and if you have a specific animation you’d like to accomplish, we’ll work with you to design a custom effect that will work beautifully with your artwork.

  • Attracts attention with animated effects that seem to trick the eye
  • Conveys a message of uniqueness and differentiation
  • Boosts perceived value with only modest impact on expense and turn-time
  • Performs beautifully on both plastic cards and paper cards
  • Is supported by our creative design expertise

Creative approaches

There are a few different approaches, depending on your desired effect. ActionCoat may be applied over the printing on a full-face foil card just prior to lamination – this approach creates a shiny debossed animation effect. Applied after lamination on a full-face foil card, the result is a dramatic textured animation – available in either gloss or matte. Finally, applied after lamination on a standard (non-foil) material, the result is a more subtle visual and tactile effect.

The look and feel of ActionCoat inspires a wow, really cool, how unique, I want to keep this, customer moment.

Impactful and affordable

ActionCoat effects are an affordable way to capture your customers’ attention, build your brand, and delight your cardholders. ActionCoat delivers animation effects at a fraction of the cost of other “motion-type” alternatives such as lenticular printing.

Rely on our creative team for designs, ideas, and consultation to help you create high-motion graphics that stylistically fit your brand and resonate with your customers.

ActionCoat from PLI. We use our experience to make life’s experiences better.

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