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Cast-and-Cure (C2™)

Reflective patterns that are dramatic, sustainable, and affordable.

PLI’s Cast and Cure (C2™) innovation brings intriguing, new holographic finishes to gift, loyalty, hospitality and other promotional cards and products. This time-perfected and best-in-class C2 process creates decorative differentiation, enhances visual effects, and can even provide anti-counterfeiting benefit. The methods and materials used for PLI C2 deliver a greener, more budget-friendly alternative to traditional holographic foils.

  • C2 captures attention with lively, dimensional effects
  • C2 is affordable and does not add much time to the manufacturing process
  • C2 is available for both plastic cards and paper cards
  • PLI offers design expertise to maximize the visual impact of C2 with your artwork

Improved Sustainability

PLI’s C2 answers the call for “greener” alternatives without sacrificing aesthetics and design appeal.

C2 does not contain laminated metalized films that are used in traditional holographic processes – for this reason, C2 does not interfere with the recyclability of otherwise recyclable materials. The C2 production process is VOC-free and does not damage or contaminate the casting film, which can be re-used multiple times and is recyclable at the end of its life.

Lower Cost without Compromise

PLI’s C2 cards deliver the “wow” of traditional holographic cards at a notably lower cost. The only “material” C2 consumes in the process is an affordable UV varnish, and the casting film itself will be preserved and later re-used.

PLI’s C2 cards are an economical way to increase card draw and subsequent customer engagement. PLI’s design professionals will work with you to develop card designs that maximize the sway-power of C2 cards.

Cast and Cure C2 from PLI. We use our experience to make life’s experiences better.

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