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Custom Foil Enhanced Cards

Let your cards shine brilliantly with foil.

Foil enhancements add light, movement, and dimension to any plastic or paper card design. Your cards will capture and hold your customers’ attention with eye-catching metallic inks, clear refractive effects, playful patterns, and holographic designs. And card issuers agree, foil enhancements add a premium look and feel to your design that makes card holders feel valued and special.

We provide a choice of full-face foil, hot foil stamping, and cold foil printing, as well as the design consulting and prototyping expertise to make sure you are happy with your selection.

Full-Face Foil

We offer a wide variety of full-face foil options, including silver, rainbow, clear refractive, brushed metal, and various holographic and patterned special effects. With in-house foil-mounting capability you’ll benefit from great pricing, competitive turn-times, and no unreasonable minimum order requirements, unlike most of our competitors.

Because full-face foil serves as a foundation for your artwork, you can allow it to shine through portions of your design using transparent inks, while blocking out the effects in other areas of the design with a simple white blocker ink. Complete your full-face foil card look with a polish, satin, or matte laminated finish. Full-face foil pairs well with hot foil stamped elements or Glitter.

For a sustainable paper full-face foil card that is fully-recyclable, check out PLI EcoFoil.

Hot Foil Stamping

For an elegant surface-stamped foil effect, hot foil stamping is a great option. During this process, a hot metal die impacts your chosen foil and transfers it directly onto the outer surface of the card. Foil is available in a wide variety of colors – flat, metallic, or patterned, and you have the option of an effect that is gloss or matte. Some card issuers employ a “double-hot-stamp” using one foil/die combination for a background element and a second foil/die combination for a top element.

While hot foil stamping is often completed after the cards are punched, we also have the ability to hot foil stamp in sheet form – a perfect solution for stamped elements that bleed off the card edge.

Hot foil stamping pairs well with Sparkle Effects.

Cold Foil Printing

Imagine having the ability to cold print foil at in-line at high speeds – whether as an underprint, overprint, or registered beautifully with your other artwork – in gradients, solids, or in fine detail. Here at PLI we don’t have to use our imagination – we’ve been offering cold foil printing for years!

Cold foil printing is well suited for both plastic cards and paper cards without the need for dies or special-order materials. Not sure how to build cold foil printing into your design? We’re always happy to consult and provide samples to help!

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