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Hidden Message Card

Engage with cards that build intrigue.

Today’s consumers want to be recognized, valued and surprised. It’s time to give them something noteworthy, special and interactive. Use the hidden message card to gamify the shopping experience, generate traffic to trade show booths, create interest at after-dark events, acknowledge VIP status, or serve as a creative anti-counterfeiting feature – with only genuine cards revealing authenticating graphics.

The possibilities for delighting and engaging your guests are endless.

  • Gift Cards
  • Hotel Key Cards
  • Casino Players Cards
  • VIP and Admission Passes
  • Reward and Loyalty Cards
  • Entertainment Center Game Cards
  • Event ID Badges and Cards

PLI. We use our experience to make life’s experiences more interesting.

Hyatt Regency Club Key Card

Behind the Mystery

Recognizing the need to up the game in today’s competitive, experience economy, PLI put our knowledge of chemistry and manufacturing to use to create our hidden message cards.

Special offers, secret messages, and spectacular graphics remain completely hidden and suddenly come to life when the card is exposed to black light (a specific type of UV light, UV-A). The hidden message card is fun to use at venues that regularly use black lighting, and hand-held black lights are readily available to be used for special events and marketing promotions.

In addition to our production expertise, you can rely on us for help during the early marketing and design planning. PLI’s creative ideas and design consultation will help your cards look amazing and photo-worthy shareable – both before and after the fun black light reveal.

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