6 Reasons to Sponsor Event Key Cards
6 Reasons to Sponsor Event Key Cards

6 Reasons to Sponsor Event Key Cards


During the lifespan of an event, an attendee will actively look at their keycard 8 – 12 times/day. This represents repeat impressions to your targeted demographic. Place a QR Code to link to a landing page for you/your clients to track participation, download an app, or provide fluid event information and updates for the attendees.


The cost to brand a key card is minimized by the potential return on investment. 64% of attendees are not current customers of the companies’ exhibits they visit. 38% of attendees state that visiting exhibits influences future purchases and investments. You have the opportunity to place an alternative to a business card in all of their hands.


Key card branding is proven to drive up to TWICE as much traffic to your tradeshow booth.



While produced on a small format, a key card is sleek and portable, making it easy for your marketing message to travel beyond the timeframe of the event.


If a brand or event resonates with an attendee, they will likely keep their keycard as a memento or keepsake of the event – thereby increasing the number of impressions. Promoting a future event increases these odds even more. 52% of persons polled said their impression of a company is more positive after receiving promotional products.


You have the ability to share the expense and the available real estate on the key card. You will receive all the benefits of key card sponsorship at a reduced cost.


For information on Branded Event Key Cards, please call PLI at 1-800-752-1017 or contact us HERE.

To download a PDF of this information, click HERE.



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