A Quality Recognition for the Quality Team
A Quality Recognition for the Quality Team

LAS VEGAS, NV – May 31, 2024 – Yesterday, the Quality Team at PLI Las Vegas was treated to a special catered luncheon by Chairman and CEO, Mark McEachen, to honor and recognize them for their series of noteworthy efforts to improve quality operations and procedures. 

quality team imgLed by their fearless leader, Aditya Holkar, Quality and Lean Manager, he has taken the bull by the horns and inspected what he expects from his Quality Team as they have been in the process of transitioning and revamping their quality operations and procedures for needed improvements at a highly successful rate in a short period of time to bestow customers with the utmost confidence, communication, and vital attention to detail care as they move forward as an organization.

This team understands how critical their precision and care of their customer’s products is to secure trust and loyalty as well as the overall success of the organization. With that, they are fully committed to the development and betterment of every order that comes through. They are rejuvenated with rich leadership and are dedicated to being proactive to get ahead of any issues beforehand, put new solutions and processes in place, proving their valued quality mindset with intentional actions and accountability, thus providing an exceptional customer experience.   

At PLI, quality is paramount of what they expect from the products and services they provide to their valued customers. They are constantly striving to maintain that excellence by adjusting to new and improved strategies and tactical measures to achieve the highest standards of outstanding products and services that they stand behind. 

The journey of Quality is a constantly evolving expedition. This team is on top of it with a positive attitude and is devoted to seeking out and implementing new and innovative solutions to improve operations and procedures, to creating the most efficiencies, to instilling trust in their steadfast customers, and to providing just that, quality all around as number one top priority.   


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