Card Marketing for Restaurants and Cafés
Card Marketing for Restaurants and Cafés

Card programs to build success!

Owning your own restaurant can be exciting and rewarding. In today’s competitive business environment, it can be challenging as well. Regardless of the size or scope of your business, two critical factors for success are referral and retention.

Gift and loyalty cards are a proven way to help build both!

Gift cards enhance image and inspire referrals

When a current customer purchases a gift card for a friend, neighbor, family member or co-worker, it often brings a new customer in the door – the ultimate referral! The perfect gift card design can help catch buyer attention, inspire unplanned purchases, add excitement and enthusiasm to the gifting moment – and reinforce the quality of your business.

With gift card recipients typically spending notably more than the loaded value, gift cards are a proven revenue builder as well.

Loyalty cards create value and motivate retention

In the current choice-abundant marketplace, clients need to be motivated and incented to keep coming back. Card-based rewards and loyalty programs, when designed and messaged to convey appreciation, are often an ideal solution to create that motivation. PLI can help with your card marketing program and, in turn, make your clients feel valued, enthused and inspired to return.

When offered as a reward for visits, purchases, or referrals, a complimentary limited-value gift card (redeemable for future services) is a valuable tool to boost customer satisfaction and drive future business.

Advertise your business to nearby hotel guests

Hotel key cards offer a unique advertising opportunity to nearby restaurants and attractions. Hotel guests are often hungry, receptive to dining suggestions, and ready to spend money.

Card marketing programs made easy

As an entrepreneur, your responsibilities can be endless and your resources limited. PLI understands this. We have been helping restaurant owners become more successful with savvy gift card and loyalty programs for more than 30 years. A dedicated account manager will work closely with you to create and grow a card marketing program that meets your objectives and fits your budget.

We work with many of our clients to periodically review card program results and make marketing recommendations to improve outcomes and increase revenue.

Click here for more information about using card marketing programs to generate new business for your restaurant. Or, better yet, contact PLI today.



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