Celebrating Excellence: Bin He Receives Outstanding Employee CEO Award
Celebrating Excellence: Bin He Receives Outstanding Employee CEO Award

LAS VEGAS, NV – June 7, 2024 – PLI takes immense pride in the dedication and excellence of its employees, always ensuring outstanding contributions are duly recognized. The newly established Outstanding Employee CEO Award honors a distinguished member of the PLI team whose reliability and exceptional work ethic set them apart. 

Bin He Receives Outstanding Employee CEO Award

Bin He, affectionately known as “Binger,” has been awarded the prestigious Outstanding Employee CEO Award for his extraordinary dedication, accomplishments, and hard work. Chairman and CEO, Mark McEachen, VP of Gift and Loyalty Operations, Warren Hogan, and Director of Manufacturing Operations, Guy Meeker, presented the award, celebrating Bin's remarkable contributions to the company. 

As a highly reliable and dedicated BOBST operator, Bin He consistently demonstrates an exemplary work ethic. Known for his determined commitment, Bin arrives every day ready to excel, often working extra hours, including weekends, and adjusting his schedule to meet the company's needs. Despite working his regular 2nd shift, he frequently comes in early and stays late, always maintaining a positive, can-do attitude and a welcoming smile with his flexible mentality. 

Bin He's versatility further underscores his exceptional performance. Proficient in operating MTLS and Collators, he showcases a broad skill set and adaptability. When discrepancies arise, Bin collaborates effectively with senior management to resolve issues proactively, ensuring production remains unaffected. 

Bin has been a standout team member at PLI for over 11 years, initially working at the Los Angeles location before relocating to the Las Vegas facility last year. His wife, who also is a valued PLI employee, highlights their shared commitment to PLI. 

In recognition of his hard work and outstanding contributions, Bin received a $1,000 monetary prize with his prestigious award. His selection for the Outstanding Employee CEO Award is a testament to his embodiment of PLI's values and dedication. Bin He's nomination stemmed from a desire to honor someone who truly represents what PLI stands for and serves as a model employee.  

Congratulations to Bin He for this well-deserved recognition. His remarkable work ethic, versatility, and positive attitude continue to inspire his colleagues and significantly contribute to PLI's success. 


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