Direct Mail and Gift Cards, A Perfect Match
Direct Mail and Gift Cards, A Perfect Match

Direct Mail and Gift Cards, A Perfect Match

Measurable Success

With retail foot traffic on the decline, it makes good business sense to market gift cards through additional channels beyond eye-catching in-store displays. Although consumers like shopping online, digital media may not always be the best way to get their attention and connect meaningfully with them. Direct mail is  an effective way to strengthen brand, promote gift cards and drive additional sales.

The response rate for direct mail marketing is up to 35% greater than email marketing, typically 4.4% vs 0.12%. 

Besides standing out in comparison to overcrowded inboxes, direct mail provides a tactile, personal experience. The Royal Mail attributed the enduring effectiveness of direct mail to: 

“Giving, receiving and handling tangible objects remain deep and intuitive parts of the human experience.”

Millennial Connection

Millennials, the upcoming economic powerhouse, are notably responsive to direct mail. Affected with digital weariness, today’s experience-minded Millennials enjoy the tactile exchange and enhanced emotional impact of receiving mail.

Studies show 90% of adults between 25 and 34 find direct mail reliable and 87% like receiving it.   Perceived as more authentic than digital marketing and having weight and substance, 75% of millennials believe direct mail is valuable.

Improve Results

Integrating attention-getting direct mail with ease-of-use digital media is a proven way to strengthen the response to your marketing program by as much as 20%. A great example of direct mail driving traffic to a website for a convenient gift card purchase is the Ready. Set. Gift! Program from PLI.

Consider adding a give one/get one gift card incentive to your direct mail campaign to help improve response rates by as much as 55%.

Add On-Line and In-Store

Beyond mail, you can also use Ready. Set. Gift! as a packaging insert and in-store promotion. Create future opportunity by including a Ready, Set, Gift! insert with every on-line purchase delivered to customers. Also include an insert with each in-store purchase at the register.

For details on Ready. Set. Gift! and additional ideas for Card Marketing solutions that promote gift cards sales, build brand and increase revenue, contact PLI. Download a PDF version of this article HERE.



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