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Increase Gift Card Sales with Just Because

Increase Gift Card Sales with Just Because

Create Opportunity ​

Birthdays, graduations and winter holiday celebrations are the top reasons consumers purchase  gift cards. By expanding reasons to celebrate, you also expand consumer motivation to purchase gift cards, which can grow your Card Marketing Program, along with resulting revenue.

Purchasing a gift without the purpose of celebrating a traditional occasion or a specific seasonal holiday is a Just Because gifting moment. ​

Leverage Occasion

To make the most out of Just Because gifting moments throughout the entire year, consider adding special Just Because gift cards to your Card Marketing Program to help evoke those spontaneous, add-on Just Because purchases.

Help consumers realize every day holds a Just Because reason for purchasing a gift card.​

Market to Personality

Today’s consumers look for differentiation, personalization and choice when making a purchasing decision. By offering a complete selection of unique Just Because gift cards thoughtfully designed to appeal to, and resonate with, a diverse audience you can increase those Just Because gift card purchase opportunities even more.​

For Just Because gift card marketing ideas that can help create sales and build revenue, contact PLI. Download a PDF version of this article here.