Leadership Awards Program Winners for Q1 2024
Leadership Awards Program Winners for Q1 2024

LAS VEGAS, NV and ASHEVILLE, NC - May 8, 2024 – The PLI Leadership Awards Program is designed to honor outstanding employees for their remarkable achievements and contributions to the organization. Anticipation ran high as the program launched in Q4 of 2023, marking the beginning of a successful journey. With Q1 of 2024 now behind us, we are thrilled to spotlight the outstanding winners from this quarter. These individuals were not only nominated but also meticulously selected, each receiving a well-deserved monetary prize of one thousand dollars along with a prestigious trophy commemorating their excellence. 

These individuals embody the essence of extraordinary leadership and innovation, transcending their roles to propel company profitability and/or performance to new heights. Each recipient of the quarterly Rock Star Award was handpicked from a diverse array of business segments and facilities, reflecting the breadth and depth of talent within our organization. 

HEAT Segment (Asheville) Winners:  

Brannon Hughes won the Rockstar Award for innovation in business processes, products, and services and for collaboration and teamwork with fellow PLI employees. 

Brannon Hughes

Jenn Tharp won the Rockstar Award for outstanding innovation in regards to business processes.   

Jenn Tharp

Gift & Loyalty Segment (Las Vegas) Winners: 

Jennifer Arzadon won the Rockstar Award for exceptional contribution and commitment to cost savings with respect to business processes.

Jennifer Arzadon

Melissa Schouten won the Rockstar Award for her outstanding teamwork, collaboration, and commitment to cost savings.   

Melissa Schouten

Congratulations to all our deserving winners! PLI extends our heartfelt appreciation to each individual for their unwavering dedication, hard work, and positive attitude, all of which have significantly contributed to our company's success. 

At PLI, we firmly believe in the power of recognizing and celebrating the invaluable efforts of our team members. As our Leadership Awards Program continues to evolve and flourish, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to honor and reward more deserving individuals who play an instrumental role in propelling our company forward into a future brimming with possibilities. 

About Plasticard – Locktech International  

PLI is the largest Closed Loop Gift, Loyalty and Hospitality card manufacturer in North America. PLI has been in business for over 30 years, specializing in end-to-end card marketing solutions including card production, design, packaging, displays, consulting and fulfillment services and capabilities. PLI has three manufacturing facility locations including two in Las Vegas, NV and one in Asheville, NC.  




Leadership Awards Program Winners for Q1 2024

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