Love is in the Air – Valentine’s Day Gift Cards
Love is in the Air – Valentine’s Day Gift Cards

Last year consumers were projected to spend over $18 billion on Valentine’s Day festivities. Nearly 54% of Americans planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and each of those celebrations included an average of $136 spent on gifts. With retailers and restaurants among the major destinations for Valentine’s Day gift buying and celebrating, you’ll want to be well prepared with plenty of eye-catching, compelling Valentine-themed gift cards on display, ready for purchase.

Beyond gifts for special loved-ones, spontaneous Valentine’s Day purchases for friends, neighbors and co-workers are expected to continue. Gift cards are a perfect way to show appreciation, especially when attractively designed and prominently displayed.

PLI has seen an uptick in retailers and other merchants adding Valentine’s Day and other special occasion themed cards to their gift card offering. Many of these less expected cards incorporate unique design features that help attract attention, entice engagement, and motivate a purchase. Consumers do put quite a bit of time and care into selecting just-right and meaningful card designs for each recipient for each occasion.

Beyond Valentine’s Day, consider building and distinguishing your gift card program by introducing other special occasion themed cards. In today’s competitive marketplace, savvy retailers are relying on creativity and cleverly leveraged insights to help build brand, elevate their card selection with the consumer in mind and capture additional sales opportunities.

Did you know?

The top reason celebrants would spend an extra $10 on Valentine’s Day is a really good sale or promotion. For promotional and sales ideas on Valentine’s Day and other specialty themed gift cards, PLI is ready to help. For more information contact your PLI representative at 1-800-752-1017 or Contact us HERE.



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