NEW Product! Cup n’ Card Carriers Hold Added Value
NEW Product! Cup n’ Card Carriers Hold Added Value

Cup n’ Card Carriers

Cup n’ Card Carriers Hold Added Value

Along with the popularity of gift cards comes competition. How do you get consumers to purchase your gift card over the countless others in the marketplace? An effective strategy is to package it in a motivating, noteworthy way, so the purchaser enjoys giving and the recipient is excited to receive.

Create Engagement

Appeal to today’s experienced-focused consumer with a gift card carrier that includes hands-on interaction and holds a place of distinction – PLI’s Cup n’ Card Carrier does just that!

Offer Uniqueness

Gift card recipients will be pleased when the fun looking cup containing a gift card is handed to them.  Even more surprised when they discover it sitting on their desk, kitchen table, or night stand. Cup n’ Card makes the recipient feel special and appreciated.

Unlimited Cups of . . .

Designed for use well beyond the food and beverage market, Cup n’ Card can be used to commemorate various occasions important to your customers and can also evoke unplanned purchases. Everyone can enjoy a -

  • Cup of Thanks
  • Cup of Fashion
  • Cup of Cheer
  • Cup of Beauty
  • Cup of Congrats
  • Cup of Fitness
  • Cup of Birthday Wishes
  • Cup of Treat Yourself
  • Cup of Fun
  • Cup of Choice

Creative graphics that connect with your audience add even more distinction and consumer appeal to Cup n’ Card. You can even further customize Cup n’ Card more with an exclusive, tailored structural design.

For more information on Cup n’ Card and other packaging with marketing benefits to help grow your Gift Card Program, contact PLI today. Download a PDF version of this information HERE.



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