NEW Product! K-Box – Gift Card Box
NEW Product! K-Box – Gift Card Box

K-Box – Gift Card Box

K-Box Can Unfold Extra Gift Card Revenue

Inspired by Kirigami, a form of origami folding paper art that allows paper cutting, PLI offers the exclusive Kirigami gift card box (K-Box) for retailers and other merchants looking for effective ways to increase revenue from gift card sales.

Novel and Noteworthy

Giving the gift-of-choice becomes more personal and special when customers purchase a gift card complete with interesting, attractive bonus-room packaging. K-Box is purposely designed with extra space to accommodate an add-on, just-for-you gift. Beyond the bonus-room benefit, K-box is sure to attract the attention of gift givers and the enjoyment of recipients with its unique, interactive design.

Add Even More Personality

Customize K-Box with your own graphics, or rely on the experience and expertise of PLI’s creative team to develop a look and style that you’ll be proud to have represent your brand. K-box’s size and shape can also be modified for a total custom package.

Increase Purchase Potential

Beyond the typical 20% uplift from recipients spending more than the load value of the gift card, extra revenue can be generated from including bonus-room packaging, like K-Box, along with gift cards. K-Box is a strong motivator and influencer for customers to purchase additional
add-on products.

Strategic and convenient placement of eye-catching add-on items, along with idea-generating signage and gifting examples, near your gift card displays further entices supplemental purchases.

For more information on K-Box and other packaging ideas that create appeal
and sales growth for your Card Marketing Program, contact PLI today. Download a PDF version of this information HERE.



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