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NEW Product! Leatherette Cards

Leatherette Cards Create Classic Appeal

Bring the exclusive look of leather to your gift, loyalty and membership cards with Leatherette Cards from PLI. These unique, simulated leather cards can help enhance the gifting experience, making consumers motivated and excited to give the gift-of-choice, and recipients pleased and happy to receive.

Making a statement of prestige and esteem, Leatherette Cards are also ideal for loyalty
and membership card programs.

Incorporate Personality

Recognized for uniqueness, Leatherette Cards are available in a variety of colors, textures
and finishes. Consider your audience, and what resonates with them –

  • ​Elegance of black with foil stamping
  • Warm natural look of earthy browns
  • Clean airy look from shades of white
  • ​Fun, whimsical, vibrant colors​

Or an interesting look crafted from an artful printed design. ​

Whatever the personalities, PLI can simulate a leather look and feel in card form that is sure to attract, inspire and delight. Consider offering a complete collection of Leatherette Cards that will connect with a wide range of consumer likes and preferences.

For more information on cards that capture the distinction of leather and other ideas on how to craft a top-performing Card Marketing Program, contact PLI today. Download a PDF version of this information HERE.