NEW Product! PLI’s Quarry Collection
NEW Product! PLI’s Quarry Collection

Quarry Collection – Cards That Look Like Stone

Gift and Key Cards that Capture the Appeal of Natural Stone

Enduring Style

Featured in ancient architecture and today’s modern buildings, the beauty and popularity of natural stone is timeless. Representative of quality and strength, natural stone adds value to design.

Bring the elegant look of natural stone to your gift and key cards to enhance the patron experience and elevate your brand. Guests will be pleased to receive a beautifully designed card upon check-in and excited to use it during their stay. Consumers will be pleased to give and excited to receive, enhancing the gifting experience.

Distinct and Personal

Recognized for uniqueness, natural stone comes in a wide variety of colors, textures and patterns. These differing aesthetics can be creatively translated  to card design. Consider your audience, and what resonates with them –

  • Elegance of black and deep emerald green
  • Clean organic look from shades of white
  • Warm natural feel of earth tones
  • Light, whimsical pastels and pearlescent

Another interesting option is a mosaic look crafted from an artful, patterned combination of natural stone.

Whatever the desired attributes, PLI can simulate a natural stone look and feel in card form that is sure to attract. Consider offering a complete quarry collection of cards that will connect with a wide range of guest and consumer likes and preferences.

For more information on key cards that embody the enduring attraction of natural stone, and other ideas on how you can build a monumental Card Marketing Program, please contact us today.

Download this gift card info in PDF form HERE. Download this key card info in PDF form HERE.



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