Plentiful Opportunities with Fall Season Gift Cards
Plentiful Opportunities with Fall Season Gift Cards

Plentiful Opportunities with Fall Season Gift Cards

Increase gift card sales by adding a variety of fall celebration cards to your current offering. Fall holiday and fall inspired cards can evoke unplanned, add-on purchases and enhance the gifting experience for consumers, while increasing gift card revenue and in-store traffic for retailers and other merchants.

Benefit from Celebration

Fall holidays create occasion to celebrate, and with gift card’s recognition as the most requested holiday gift, fall holiday gift cards make the perfect gift of celebration. When you prominently advertise and display thoughtfully designed fall gift cards they can prompt a, now that’s a good idea, spontaneous buying moment.

Fall cards are ideal to commemorate –

  • Get-away weekend
  • Homecoming celebrations
  • Thanksgiving
  • Back-to-school last fling
  • Football season
  • Diwali/Festival of Lights
  • College send-off
  • Halloween
  • Rosh Hashana/Jewish New Year

And just because it’s a wonderful time of year!

And with U.S. consumers outlaying nearly $93 billion for Back-to-school/College and Halloween purchases alone, the opportunities for gift card spending are ample.

Leverage Popularity and Sentiment

Fall is the most beloved season. Nearly 29% of Americans prefer fall to any other season. When fall inspired cards are artfully designed, incorporating the rich colors and feel-good images of the season, a this is perfect for ________, impulsive purchase can result. Consumers often spend big on –

  • Cuisine and Beverages
  • Fashion
  • Home Décor

And of course pumpkin spice anything!

To find out more about how PLI can help you create fall inspired and other new gifting moments that are notable, shareable and profitable, please contact PLI today. Download a PDF version of this information HERE.



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