LAS VEGAS, NV – September 1, 2023 – Today, PLI is excited to announce its final step in its “Centers of Manufacturing Excellence” efforts as it strives to provide excellent customer experience with quality products at a very competitive price.


We are announcing the opening of a brand-new 100,000+ square foot facility in Las Vegas (LV2) which is less than 4 miles from our current manufacturing facility (LV1). Work has begun to transform this new space into a worldclass G&L manufacturing workplace which will be our second manufacturing location in LV. The corporate staff will be relocated to this new building. 

As a result of opening this new facility, we will be closing our plant in the Los Angeles area by November 30th, 2023. Some of the staff in LA will be offered an opportunity to relocate to LV. Production at the new facility (LV2) will ramp up over the coming months and will be fully operational by no later than December 1, 2023. We have already begun the process of interviewing and hiring additional workers in LV to staff LV2. Both locations in LV will operate seamlessly. 

Once completed, the company will continue to have its highly regarded Hospitality manufacturing facility in Asheville, NC and additional investment soon will allow us to continue to enhance our product offerings at this site. In addition, the company will have its G&L manufacturing performed in the two newly laid-out and upgraded sites in LV. 

The benefits of these moves include: 

  • A more focused manufacturing approach to specific target markets and customers 
  • Ability to reduce inventory levels. 
  • Ability to purchase state-of-the-art equipment. 
  • Ability to cut lead times for customers. 
  • Ability to hold down cost increases. 
  • Increase our G&L card production capacity. 
  • Ability to invest in new technology such as paper cards/sustainability initiatives. 
  • Ability to keep a stable PLI workforce despite ups and downs of market conditions. 

I know that change can sometimes be challenging for people, and we do not take lightly the fact that we are leaving behind so many good PLI employees in the LA area.  However, with change comes opportunity and these changes will bring plenty for PLI, its employees and the customers PLI serves. 


In concert with the above operational alignment, I am announcing the following changes to the organization to better reflect excellence in staff performance and continue to improve customer satisfaction. 

Perry Morgan is promoted to Sr VP, CFO and will continue to report to the CEO. 

  • Terri Nelson is now appointed Finance Director – G&L  
    • Reporting to the CFO 
    • Supports the VP of G&L Operations 
  • Hirak Patel is now appointed Finance Director – Sales 
    • Reporting to the CFO 
    • Supports the Sales Team 
  • Gray McQuarrie the Plant Finance Manager – HEAT in AVL now reports to the CFO.  
  • Anees Shafi remains Sr. Director of Supply Chain 
    • Reporting to the CFO 

Chad Jones is promoted to VP of G&L Operations and will continue to report to the CEO. Chad has full operational responsibilities for G&L production at LV1 and LV2. 

  • Billy Johnson is appointed Director of Operations LV2 
    • Reporting to VP of G&L Operations 
  • Kris Trunkett is appointed Operations Manager LV1 
    • Reporting to VP of G&L Operations 

Robert Keshura is promoted to VP of Hospitality Operations and will continue to report to the CEO. Bob has full operational responsibilities for all HEAT production in Asheville. 

Claudia Alarcia is promoted to Sr. Corporate Director of HR and will now report directly to the CEO. All company HR functions will now report into Claudia. 

Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing position remains open, and the company continues to do a national search. This position will continue to report to the CEO. 

  • Mary Parks remains VP of G&L Strategic Accounts and will continue to report to Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing 
  • Stephanie Schneider-Thompson remains VP, Business Development and will continue to report to Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing 
  • Stephen Magee remains Interim VP of Hospitality and will continue to report to Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing 

Leeton Lee is promoted to Sr. VP, General Counsel and will continue to report to the CEO.

Alex White continues in his role as CIO reporting to the CEO.

Judy Borisov remains Corporate Director of EHS & Quality

  • Reporting to the CEO  

Danielle Carr remains Executive Assistant, Office of CEO 

  • Reporting to the CEO 

With these changes we have eliminated several positions to better align ourselves with the challenges and opportunities we face every day at PLI. I want to congratulate everyone on this list, and I hope you all offer your full support as we continue to strive for excellence here at PLI. 


Mark McEachen  

About PLI Card Marketing Solutions 

PLI is the largest Closed Loop Gift, Loyalty and Hospitality card manufacturer in North America. PLI has been in business for over 30 years, specializing in end-to-end card marketing solutions including card production, design, packaging, displays and fulfillment services and capabilities. With today’s announcement of the brand-new production facility, PLI will have three plant locations including the New Las Vegas, NV (LV2 – New Headquarters Location), Current Las Vegas, NV (LV1 – Current Headquarters Location) and Asheville, NC.   



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