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ASHEVILLE, NC – September 19, 2023 – Last week, the PLI Asheville manufacturing facility held their quarterly “Fireside Chat” and luncheon event to discuss the latest changes and current and future state of PLI with the “Centers of Manufacturing Excellence” transition as it strives to provide excellent customer experience with quality products at a very competitive price. 

The PLI Asheville manufacturing facility location is an integral component of the PLI core that will now be fully dedicated to the HEAT (Hospitality, Events, Advertisement & Transit) business segment whereas all the Gift and Loyalty business segment will be concentrated between the current (LV1) and new (LV2) Las Vegas manufacturing facilities as recently announced on Sept. 1st, 2023. With this shift in area of focus, the future is extremely bright for PLI Asheville in addition to the following improvements it allows: 

  • Increased hybrid 5-hour 2nd shift into a full 8-hour 2nd shift 
  • Increased segment expansion capabilities including gaming, theme park and specialty transit and access control opportunities 
  • New technology equipment opportunities for the segment expansion 

With continued investment in the Asheville facility, PLI is committed to being a key source leader of products for the HEAT industry as well as creating long term job security. 

This time of gathering to level set the changes with discussion and a Q & A session to hear directly from the company leaders including Mark McEachen, Chairman and CEO, Robert Keshura, VP of Hospitality Operations and Stephen Magee, Interim VP of Hospitality, established a continued line of open communication and strong stride towards a successful path for the HEAT business segment, Asheville manufacturing facility and the employee base it serves.  

Additionally, the day was rounded out with Mark McEachen, Chairman and CEO, distributing gift bags on the production floor to various employees that have exhibited great accomplishments and attitude in their respective job. 

The Quarterly Fireside Chats resume to create hands-on updates and transparency to the organization. Fun events, seasonal cookouts and employee recognitions will also continue to foster a sense of togetherness, dedication, appreciation and enjoyment within the PLI family. 

About PLI Card Marketing Solutions  

PLI is the largest Closed Loop Gift, Loyalty and Hospitality card manufacturer in North America. PLI has been in business for over 30 years, specializing in end-to-end card marketing solutions including card production, design, packaging, displays, consulting and fulfillment services and capabilities. PLI has three manufacturing facility locations including two in Las Vegas, NV and one in Asheville, NC.