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PLI Celebrates National Send a Card to a Friend Day

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PLI celebrates National Send a Card to a Friend Day with Greeting Card Enclosures

National send a Card to a Friend Day provides an opportunity to surprise friends and show them they are thought about, special and valued. Enclosing a gift card with a greeting card can make an even stronger statement of sentiment.

Take the opportunity to increase gift card sales, while making it convenient and easy for consumers to convey appreciation, with Greeting & Gift Card Packages. Mailed or presented in person, Greeting & Gift Card Packages can be designed for various holidays, occasions and for everyday celebrations of friendship, recognition and thankfulness throughout the entire year.

PLI received prestigious industry recognition for producing an “award-winning” Greeting & Gift Card Package for a leading, iconic food and beverage chain.

Contact PLI for Greeting & Gift Card Package ideas that can help grow your Card Marketing Program.

The Chicago Tribune reports that millennials are the biggest buyers of paper greeting cards, after decades of lumping sales with the advent of the digital age – physical cards are back, with more than six billion sold annually.