PLI Celebrates National Twins Days – Celebrate Multiples!
PLI Celebrates National Twins Days – Celebrate Multiples!

PLI Celebrates National Twins Days

August 3 – 5 is National Twins Days. A celebration for multiples (twins, triplets, quads, and more) that takes place in Twinsburg, Ohio every summer.

Studies shows there are both pros and cons to being a multiple, but most agree, school-age multiples enjoy more peer recognition and popularity than singletons.

Gift card multiples (multipacks) are popular with shoppers because they offer the gift-of-choice along with time-saving convenience. Retailers and other merchants like them because they maximize card revenue in display space and reduce card carrier costs.

To find out more about the benefits of packaging multiple gift cards within a single carrier, take a look at Multipacks – Something for Everyone!

Contact PLI to discuss multipacks and other attractive ideas that can help grow your Gift Card Marketing Program.



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