PLI Launches New Innovative Sustainable Chalk Substrate
PLI Launches New Innovative Sustainable Chalk Substrate

Plasticard Locktech International (PLI), the world’s largest keycard manufacturer and leading gift and loyalty card specialty printer for a wide range of clients from Starbucks to Victoria’s Secret and MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment to Station Casinos, announced today it has plans to add a third shift that will immediately add up to 50 new jobs to its 300-employee workforce in its North Las Vegas operation and an additional 25 positions within the coming months. PLI today also announced the launch of a brand new innovative and sustainable product made of chalk, the PLI-Nu eCard, that will serve as an environmentally-friendly alternative to PVC plastic keycards, gift cards and other products. The increase in its workforce will allow PLI to continue to expand its operations to meet the demand for additional production capacity.

PLI President and CEO, Peter Krauss, announced the just reached exclusive agreement to bring the chalk product to the market and the expansion of the workforce during a press conference this morning at PLI’s North Las Vegas plant surrounded by PLI employees, community leaders and elected officials.

“The launch of this revolutionary chalk product that comes from a sustainable, renewable and recyclable material will redefine the way we think of plastic key cards, gift cards and a whole roster of products we all use in our daily lives,” said Krauss. “PLI-Nu eCard marks the first time in history that a truly green product could be made available to the market at comparable pricing to traditional PVC Plastic,” added Krauss. “We are proud to be a part of the North Las Vegas community, helping drive innovation, job creation and economic growth for southern Nevada.”

PLI expanded to North Las Vegas in early 2015 by acquiring an existing plant that had planned to close. PLI’s acquisition saved the jobs of 250 valued employees and has grown to the current workforce of 300 employees today. Today’s announcement means PLI will continue to grow its workforce by an additional 25 percent by adding a third shift to its operations and up to 75 new employees, 50 of those to be hired immediately. Currently PLI has a total workforce of 700 employees nationwide and has been an employee-owned company since 2014.

The PLI-Nu eCard is a revolutionary product that comes from a sustainable, renewable and recyclable material – chalk. It is a greener alternative to the cards traditionally made from PVC with a similar feel and performance and comparable in cost. The PLI-Nu eCard will be available in two options – one that is 85 percent PVC-free and one that is 100 percent PVC-free.

The PLI North Las Vegas plant primarily focuses on the commercial segment of the gift, loyalty and membership card printing market with robust fulfillment, personalization and data management capabilities. PLI is the largest manufacturer of cards made from various materials, producing in total more than 1.1 billion cards per year, 350 million of those in North Las Vegas. That volume is expected to double to more than 600 million cards in southern Nevada as a result of the expansion of the PLI workforce and operations. The southern Nevada location also serves as the Western distribution center where millions of cards and other products are warehoused to service customers located west of Dallas, TX.

ABOUT PLI: PLI is a global provider of card production, card personalization, fulfillment, direct mail and all print services with two production facilities and warehouses located in Asheville, NC and North Las Vegas, NV including international worldwide customer support through distribution centers in Canada, Netherlands and Dubai. The largest card producer in the commercial card market, PLI is an employee-owned company with more than 300,000 square feet of total manufacturing space and over 700 employees nationwide, with 300 employed at the North Las Vegas facility. PLI in North Las Vegas primarily focuses on the commercial segment of the gift, loyalty and membership cards printing market. Its robust fulfillment, personalization and data management capabilities are utilized by clients in the hospitality, gaming, retail and other industries such as Starbucks, Victoria’s Secret, Pink, Bath and Body Works, MGM Resorts, Boyd Gaming, Caesars Entertainment, Station Casinos and many others. PLI is the largest manufacturer of these cards, producing more than 1.1 Billion cards per year. For more information, please visit



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